Stern Program for Undergraduate Research

Research ID: RS000031
Research Title: Testing the effects of cross-mnedia exposure on ad recall under one corporate media umbrella
Description: A student team will analyze the effects of cross-media exposure across ESPN platforms for several brands vs. cross-media exposure when exposure occurs across corporate entities (e.g. TV exposure for a brand across various networks.) The intent is to determine whether exposure across platforms enhances ad effectiveness when exposure is under a single corporate umbrella.

This project assumes sponsorship by ESPN and data availability for cross-platform exposure for ESPN alone vs. exposure across corporate entities. On this basis, possible implementation is uncertain at this time.
Relevant Areas of Study: Marketing
Pre-requisites: Intro to Marketing. Ad Management is desirable but not required.
Start Semester: Spring 2013
Credits Per Semester: 1.0
Faculty Member: Henry Assael (
Department Affilation: N/A
Contact: Henry Assael (
Expired On: 01-04-2013