Stern Program for Undergraduate Research

Research ID: RS000044
Research Title: The emergence of social benefit corporations and L3Cs
Description: If you are interested in social enterprise, this project could be a good fit. This research project is focused on two very new organizational forms designed to balance economic value creation with social value creation: the Low-Profit LLC (L3Cs) since 2008, and the Benefit Corporation since 2010 . Despite the promise of these new corporate forms, they are not without risks. A patchwork of laws have arisen as each state is free to establish a unique set of statues. The goal of this SPUR project is to help to gather information on the variation across state statues, as well as the variation across firms that adopt each form. The project is expected to develop skills in gathering data (by contacting state offices to obtain lists of firms that have incorporated as Benefit Corporations or L3Cs and if time remains, publicly available information on each firm). After an initial training period, most of this work can be done independently and at your own pace. May be taken for 1 or 2 credits, upon discussion with the professor.
Relevant Areas of Study: Management and Organizations
Pre-requisites: A keen interest in social enterprise, great search abilities, and initiative.
Start Semester: Spring 2013
Credits Per Semester: 1.0
Faculty Member: Renee Rottner (
Department Affilation: N/A
Contact: Renee Rottner (
Expired On: 03-21-2013