Stern Program for Undergraduate Research

Research ID: RS000050
Research Title: Calibration of Climate-Change Model
Description: This work is part of a project to develop a model of climate-change mitigation. Using available published and unpublished studies, the team will calibrate the investment and operational costs of energy from different available technologies (fossil fuels, nuclear, solar, wind, etc.), as well as damage-costs due to an increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases, for various countries and/or regions of the world. Progress on the calibration work permitting, the model will be used to compute alternative hypothetical climate-change scenarios.
Relevant Areas of Study: Accounting
Global Business
Information Systems
Management and Organizations
Operations Management
Pre-requisites: Introductory microeconomics preferred, but not necessarily required, depending on other background qualifications.
Start Semester: Spring 2013
Credits Per Semester: 1.0
Faculty Member: Roy Radner (
Department Affilation: N/A
Contact: Roy Radner (
Expired On: 03-01-2013