Stern Program for Undergraduate Research

Closed On: 09-07-2014
Research ID: RS000062
Research Title: Status dynamics and the psychology of rivalry
Description: This SPUR appointment will involve working on research related to status dynamics in groups, and rivalry. More specifically, selected applicants will assist Professor Kilduff and his graduate students in exploring questions such as:

- What types of people tend to become leaders and gain influence in group settings?

- Do certain people possess a kind of 'hierarchical intelligence' - that is, a greater ability to assess the power, influence and status of those around them - and does this help them succeed?

- What is the underlying psychology of rivalry, and how does it affect behaviors such as risk-taking and motivation?

- How do rivalries between groups affect individual members’ commitment to the group?

- Do teams perform better when valuable resources are generally allocated to the smartest person or widely spread among all members?

Students will receive exposure to a range of social science research methods including experiments, surveys, observational study, and archival analysis, as well as to existing research in management and social psychology.

Professor Kilduff is looking for at least 2 research apprentices for this fall semester, with the potential for continuing the appointment into the spring. Primary responsibilities will include the collection and organization of data, conducting literature reviews, and conducting behavioral studies in the lab. One of these appointments will also involve working with a significant amount of sports data, likely from the National Basketball Association.

Applicants should be highly organized, academically accomplished, and interested in topics broadly related to psychology and management. Please submit a resume and brief statement of interest upon applying.
Relevant Areas of Study: Management and Organizations
Pre-requisites: Management & Organizations course is desirable but not required.
Start Semester: Spring 2014
Credits Per Semester: 1.0
Faculty Member: Gavin Kilduff (
Department Affilation: Management
Contact: Gavin Kilduff (
Expired On: 09-07-2014