Stern Program for Undergraduate Research

Closed On: 01-28-2014
Research ID: RS000076
Research Title: Central Banks and macro prudential policy
Description: The term macro prudential policy has been on the lips of every central banker since the crisis. Two problems exist - first, the literature does not clearly identify monetary policies that will help prevent crises in the future. Second, no one seems to know what central banks are actually doing to monitor macro prudential risks and control them.

This project will identify the macro prudential policies of central banks in both developed and emerging markets. We will use a checklist of different policy approaches to see what central bankers are actually doing. (Or is it all talk?)
Relevant Areas of Study: Economics
Pre-requisites: EGB or a course in macroeconomics
Start Semester: Fall 2013
Credits Per Semester: 1.0
Faculty Member: Paul Wachtel (
Department Affilation: Economics
Contact: Paul Wachtel (
Expired On: 05-01-2014