Stern Program for Undergraduate Research

Research ID: RS000087
Research Title: Managing Hedonic Consumer Experiences
Description: Investigating the factors that make hedonic consumer experiences (ranging from watching video clips to tasting food) more enjoyable - or less irritating.

Factors to be researched include:
- sequence effects (should you eat dessert first?)
- patterns over time (which experience is most enjoyable: the one with the highest peak or the one with the better average?)
- long-term effects (how do we remember experiences later on in life?)
Relevant Areas of Study: Marketing
Pre-requisites: Interest in psychological processes. Being rigorous and detail-oriented.
Useful but not required: photo, sound, and/or video editing skills, knowledge of Qualtrics, Flash programming skills.
Start Semester: Fall 2013
Credits Per Semester: 2.0
Faculty Member: Tom Meyvis (
Department Affilation: Marketing
Contact: Tom Meyvis (
Expired On: 10-05-2013