Stern Program for Undergraduate Research

Closed On: 02-09-2015
Research ID: RS000093
Research Title: When Are Real Estate Prices Predictable?
Description: It appears that commercial rental prices in several US markets exhibit a "serial correlation" which makes them potentially predictable. This project asks under what conditions such prices are predictable, that is, are there characteristics of a local market (i.e. urban versus suburban) that make prediction possible? Perhaps even more interestingly, if such prices are predictable, there is a trading strategy that is identifiable that can exploit the predictability in rental rates.

This inquiry will be based a dataset consisting of historical rental rates across US markets for 8 years. Students will probably collect some additional data to complement this dataset depending on the direction of the project.
Relevant Areas of Study: Economics
Information Systems
Pre-requisites: An ability and interest in working with data
Start Semester: Fall 2013
Credits Per Semester: 1.0
Faculty Member: Vasant Dhar (
Department Affilation: IOMS
Contact: Vasant Dhar (
Expired On: 11-01-2013